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2019 Meeting Schedule

Four meetings are required - Eight for maximum points

You must attend a WVSSAC Rules Clinic (dates and times in Official's Packet).

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Schedule will be posted when available


Varsity Open Dates

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President - Kevin Smith (2019)

Vice President - Rich Roberts (2019)

Secretary/Treasurer - Sam DeMarco (2019)

Education Chair - Ron Ash (2019)

Executive Committee - Tommy dodd (2019), Dean Marra (2019), Mike vanhorn (2020), dennis cutlip (2020)

Past President - Bill Snopps (2019)

Interpreters: Rodney Holbert, Bill Snopps, David Marra, Rick Roberts (all 2019) 



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Constitution and By-laws

Adopted October 30, 2018








With the purpose of constant improvement of high school football officiating, we dedicate ourselves toward knowledge of the rules and consistency in their interpretation and application; safety of the participants; fair play of the game; sportsmanship of players, coaches and fans, we join together as the Mason Dixon Football Officials Association.


Name and Location

A.  This organization shall be known as the Mason Dixon Football Officials Association. (MDFOA).

 B.  The mailing address of the MDFOA and physical location of the principal office will be that established by the Secretary and approved by the Executive Committee.



A.  To recruit and train interested individuals in officiating football in the North-Central West Virginia area and provide football officials to area schools in support of the athletic programs of the West Virginia Secondary Schools Activities Commission (WVSSAC), and to support and follow WVSSAC rules pertaining to officials and officials’ conduct. 

B.  To establish and maintain consistent and uniform interpretations of the National Federation of State High School Associations rules pertaining to Football games under the direction of the WVSSAC through timely, interpretive meetings, demonstrations and educational programs.  To apply these rules according to interpretations made by the WVSSAC for use in the State of West Virginia.

C.  To promote fellowship among members of the MDFOA, and to foster a high standard of ethics within the organization in accordance with the “Code of Ethics for Athletic Officials” as listed with the NFSHSA.



A.  Any person who has reached his or her 18th birthday and is otherwise physically fit, interested in the objectives of the MDFOA and the development of football officiating is eligible for membership in the MDFOA subject to the requirements set forth in this Article.

B.  There are three(3) classes of membership:

 1.  Active – those in good standing who have met all the requirements of this Association and the WVSSAC.  This class requires active involvement in officiating football.

2.  Inactive – a member in good standing who is not able to participate in Officiating during the season.  Any active member may apply for inactive status and, if approved by the Executive Committee and the WVSSAC, continue as an inactive member.  Inactive status with the MDFOA is subject to the Inactive Status rules of the WVSSAC.  This means the official may remain inactive for up to four(4) years, but then must register as Active the fifth(5th) year.  

3.  Honorary – one who, because of recognized outstanding service and/or accomplishments as an official, has been accorded this honor by the MDFOA.  An Honorary member cannot officiate or vote.  Honorary members are exempt from paying dues.

   All Active and Inactive members of the MDFOA shall be registered with the WVSSAC and are subject to the rules and regulations set forth in the WVSSAC Officials’ Handbook as revised from time to time.  The Executive Secretary of the WVSSAC shall have the power to penalize an official for violations of those rules, subject to a right of appeal to the WVSSAC Board of Appeals.

C.  Membership duration is for the Calendar Year following the due date and subsequent payment of dues.

D.  New Officials must complete the requirements of the WVSSAC First Time Officials program by completing a training class as described in the WVSSAC Football Officials Handbook and submitting all other required documentation to the Class Coordinator by the date specified to ensure all registrations are completed in a timely manner.

E.  Transfers may be accepted provided the transferee has fulfilled all the requirements of the WVSSAC.

F.  Membership may be terminated or suspended as follows:

1.  Resignation

2.  Transfer

3.  As provided in Article V, Section J of the WVSSAC Officials’ Handbook.

4.  Suspended Members shall have no voting rights, nor will they be included in crew assignments for Varsity Contests.

 G.  Violations may include but are not limited to: 

1.  Failure to attend a WVSSAC sponsored Football Clinic.

2.  Failure to attend at least four(4) local Training meetings during the previous fiscal year.

3.  Failure to take the Part I and Part II National Federation of High Schools Football Rules Exams.

4.  Drinking intoxicating beverages prior to, during, or (in the vicinity of the playing area)after, the contest officiated.

5.  The use of illegal drugs.

6.  The use of any form of tobacco in the vicinity of the playing area.

H.  Members of the MDFOA are expected to:

1.  Be fair, impartial, unbiased, professional and competent in officiating.

2.  Be in and maintain proper physical and mental condition.

3.  Dress and appearance must be appropriate.

4.  Arrive at the contest as specified in the NFHS rules and/or by the WVSSAC.

5. Maintain self-control under all conditions.

6. Conduct the game and enlist the cooperation of players, coaches and spectators in good sportsmanship.

7. Comply with WVSSAC regulations in the filing of Special Reports and all other filings.

8. Honor existing contracts with member schools.



A.  The Executive Committee (See Article VI) shall hear and consider all grievances.

B.  The grievance procedure is to permit the Executive Committee to investigate, via due process, any member accused of violating this Constitution of the MDFOA and impose any fair and reasonable penalty, including suspension. 

C.  The Executive Committee shall investigate such grievance and shall be empowered to summon member(s) charged, witnesses to said grievance, request any supporting documentation to said grievance and render a decision.  The Executive Committee may order appropriate action for or against the aggrieved party.

D.  The Executive Committee shall conduct such inquiries as quickly as possible and attempt to conduct these procedures prior to or during the next normal or special business meeting of the Executive Committee. 

E.  Grievance Procedures are as follows:

1.  Member(s) must submit the grievance in writing to the Executive Committee or one of its’ members.

2.  The Executive Committee shall investigate the grievance.

3.  The Executive Committee shall respond to the grievance in writing.

4.  Member(s) not satisfied with the action taken by the Executive Committee may appeal the decision by submitting a copy of the original grievance along with the Executive Committee’s response to the WVSSAC Officials Advisory Committee or any other body designated by the WVSSAC.



A.  Each officer of the MDFOA must be an active member.  The following officers shall be elected bi-annually:

1.  President

2.  Vice-President

3.  Secretary/Treasurer

 The following officers shall be elected annually:

          1 Education Committee Chairman

          2 Interpreters (4)

          3 Executive Committee Member (2)

B.  The officers for the ensuing year will be elected at the last regularly scheduled Business meeting of the MDFOA during the current year’s High School Football season including playoffs, or as soon thereafter as possible.  At least a simple majority of members of the MDFOA must be present at the election for the election to be valid.

C.  If a vacancy should occur in an elected office, the Executive Committee shall appoint a successor for the unexpired term, except for a vacancy in the office of President, which shall be assumed by the Vice-President.  The Executive Committee shall then appoint a successor to the Vice-President office.

D.  Duties of the Officers:

1.  The President shall preside at all regular, special and rules interpretations meetings of the MDFOA and the Executive Committee.  The President shall serve as Chairman of the Executive Committee. 

2.  The Vice-President shall assume and discharge the duties of the President when the President is not present.  The Vice-President shall be Chairman of all Special Committees.

3.  The Secretary/Treasurer shall:

a.  keep the minutes of all Business meetings of the MDFOA, as well as meetings of the Executive Committee.

b.  Maintain and preserve in an orderly manner all records and correspondence of the Association.

c.  Deposit all funds of the Association in a bank approved by the Executive Committee.

d.  Issue checks in payment of expenses or liabilities incurred by the Association after authorization by the Executive Committee.

e.  Maintain orderly records of accounts which shall be reviewed annually by the Executive Committee or its designated Subcommittee.

f.  Perform other duties as may be directed by the Executive Committee.

4. Interpreters shall be the official rules interpreters of the MDFOA.  The Interpreters shall preside over rules discussion meetings and shall hand down official decisions on play situations presented.  The Interpreters shall be empowered to contact the WVSSAC for clarifications of rules interpretations should it become necessary.

5.  The Education Committee Chairman shall chair the Education Committee and through the Education Committee will be responsible for the training and education of the members of the MDFOA.  The Education Committee shall develop the New Officials’ Training Program to meet the guidelines of the WVSSAC.

6.  Special Committees are those which arise from time to time and are not one of the named committees for which a Chairman is elected. 


Executive Committee

A.  Between regularly scheduled Business meetings, the general management of the Association shall be vested in an Executive Committee consisting of the President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer, Most Recent Past-President with Membership in the MDFOA, Education Committee Chairman and four(4) at-large members elected for a two(2) year term.  Two(2) At-Large members shall be elected annually such that the terms of the four(4) At-Large members overlap.

B.  A meeting of the Executive Committee may be called by the President or by a simple majority of the members of the Executive Committee.

C.  The Executive Committee shall approve and oversee the training program developed by the Education Committee to insure that it is in compliance with the rules and regulations set forth by the WVSSAC.


Education Committee 

A.  The Education Committee shall be comprised of the Chairman and the four(4) elected Interpreters.  The Committee shall be responsible for the recruitment of new officials, and the training and development of the membership.

B.  The Education Committee shall annually offer a training program for new officials in accordance with the WVSSAC training outline as listed in the Officials’ Handbook.  The Education Committee shall be responsible to:

1.  Order materials for the class, assemble all forms from the new officials’ class to submit to the WVSSAC per WVSSAC guidelines.

2.  Select training sites and recruitment procedures

C.  The Education Committee shall develop the training program to be offered as part of each regularly scheduled training meeting and coordinate the rules and mechanics discussions at those meetings.

D.  The Education Committee shall develop an observer system to monitor and improve the members of the MDFOA.



A.  Training Meetings – Prior to the start of the football season, the Executive Committee shall establish dates, locations and times for at least ten(10) training meetings to be held during the months of July – December, subject only to changes authorized by the Executive Committee and/or a simple majority vote of the members present at a regularly scheduled or special meeting.

B.  Executive Committee Meetings – Regular Executive Committee meetings shall be held thirty(30) minutes immediately prior to the first Training Meeting during each of the months September,  October and November.  The time and place of any special meeting shall be designated by the President or Vice-President should the President be absent when the special meeting is called.

C.  Business Meetings – One(1) regular annual business meeting of the MDFOA shall be held at a date and time fixed by the Executive Committee.  This meeting may be held in conjunction with a regularly scheduled Training Meeting.

Special Business Meetings of the Association may be called by the President, simple majority of the Executive Committee, or written request signed by at least 10% of the active members of the MDFOA.  The time and place of any special meeting shall be designated by the President or Vice-President should the President be absent when the special meeting is called.

D.  At least three(3) days advance written notice shall be given by the Secretary/Treasurer to all members of any Special Business Meeting.  Electronic Mail notice (e-mail) or other forms of electronic communication in written form shall be considered adequate written notice.



A simple majority of the active members shall constitute a quorum for the purpose of transacting business of the MDFOA and this same rule shall apply to meetings of the Executive Committee in connection with its business transactions.

Members unable to attend any meeting in which a vote is scheduled to be taken may assign their vote by proxy to a member of the Executive Committee, but must do so in writing with their vote detailed



Fees for Athletic contests in the State of West Virginia shall be determined in accordance with the guidelines issued by the WVSSAC. 



The uniforms to be used by members of the MDFOA shall be as designated by the WVSSAC and/or the NFHS.



The MDFOA shall not make any rule, plan or policy that supersedes a rule, plan or policy of the WVSSAC.


Effective Date and Amendments

 A. This Constitution shall be effective from passage, subject to approval by the WVSSAC or its designee.

 B. This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds(2/3) majority vote of Active members of the MDFOA present at the Regular or Special Business meeting for which such vote for amendment has been announced at a minimum of two(2) Training or Business Meetings or any combination thereof.  A quorum as defined in Article IX must be present for the vote to be held.

C.  A proposed amendment must be submitted in writing at a Training or Business meeting.  It shall be read, discussed, modified and tabled until such amendment is sent to the membership in writing no less than ten(10) days prior to the next meeting at which time a formal vote may be taken.

D.  All amendments shall be voted on by written ballots.

E.  All amendments shall be approved by the WVSSAC or its designee.



Dues shall be paid to the MDFOA prior to or at the final regular Training Meeting of the current year for membership in the MDFOA for the following year.  The amount shall be determined and reviewed annually by the Executive Committee.  Any changes in the amount shall be announced to the members in writing prior to the end of the current year and such change shall be effective for the next year’s obligation.  I.E. Change announced 2015, payable by end of season 2016 which pays for membership in 2017.

A.  Late or Non-payment of dues when due shall automatically Suspend the Member’s Membership the dues are paid, subject to late fee addition as determined by the Executive Committee.  When such payment is received, and provided all other conditions for Active status remain, the Member shall be returned to Active status.



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